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  • Steve Sorensen

#7, of 7 Theological Truths about Hunting

Theological Truth #7 – Whether we enjoy success, or face criticism, one mark of a Christian is humility.

The controversy over Sister John Paul's buck has subsided, life goes on, and one vital lesson comes to the front.

Her students watched and learned how she handled criticism. Many of these young people are hunters themselves and wanted to defend her, but she considered silence far better. The truth in that is that the battle is not ours – the battle is the Lord’s.

These students have witnessed an example of how we can be serious about our faith while being proud and passionate hunters, too. They have watched a nun become the target of undeserved, world-wide criticism and hostility, yet respond with grace and humility.

Perhaps her critics have made her a reluctant celebrity, but like her, we should not hunt in order to become a some kind of celebrity, or as a competition with other hunters, or as a way to affirm ourselves. We can hunt, just as we can work, pray and worship, to the glory of God.

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