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  • Steve Sorensen, "The Everyday Hunter"

Deer on Cars? A "PR" Issue or a Practical Issue?

When I saw my buddy hauling a very nice Pennsylvania buck on the roof of his little station wagon last week, I started to re-think my objection to hauling deer on cars. We used to see it a lot many years ago, but we don't see it very often now for quite a few reasons:

1. Fewer people are hunting.

2. Deer are harder to get, so not as many come home with hunters.

3. More people have pickups which keep them hidden from eyes that might be offended.

4. Hunters tuck them inside the trunks of cars to avoid offending anyone.

I've hauled a deer on top of a classic Volkswagen Beetle, and in the trunk of a Toyota Corolla (but the legs had to stick out). Clearly this is a public relations issue, but it's also a practical issue, and that's why I'm not critical of hunters who choose to bring their deer home on cars. To read my line of thinking, check out this week's Jamestown Gazette:

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