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  • Steve Sorensen, "The Everyday Hunter®"

It's a Day for Giving Thanks

I'm truly blessed. Back in September I had serious surgery on my left eye due to an uncommon complication from cataract surgery. The surgery to fix the problem was brutal, but successful, and I now see almost as well as I ever have from that eye. It may get even better. (Cataract surgery in June in my right eye gave me vision that is better than ever.) I have a lot to be thankful for, but that is high on my list.

I'm also thankful for my wife, her love, and her high moral character. It is a blessing to have a wife whom I can trust. But it doesn't stop there. Those she works with and for can trust her. Those whose health depends on her efficiency and accuracy can trust her. Those she attends church with can trust her. Trust is so important in every area of life. She works hard to make life better for so many people, especially me.

Doug and Jill, with her husband Brent, are home for Thanksgiving. This holiday, above all, is when I want my kids with me. They all face challenging issues in today's world, but my prayer is that God will lead them and help them to make a difference in the world. They have the capacity to change lives.

I'm also thankful for the opportunities I have to write and speak. To be able to influence people is incredible. I can hardly believe God has given me a ministry I can be passionate about.

I could make a much longer list, but I want to be a thankful person every day, not just today. We ate our Thanksgiving dinner at my niece's beautiful house with her beautiful family in Clymer, New York. There is a family who is as wholesome as they come. A loving couple with two great boys. Thanks, Brynne and Kyle, not only for opening your home, but for the great work you are doing in your family and your community.

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