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Are you a hunter who is looking for the best in today's outdoor writing?

I've been honored to win many state, regional and even national awards for my contributions to publications from the local level to the national level, for print work as well as digital media. My blog called "Mission: Hunter" is the gateway to much of what I write. I try to post or link to most of what I write, or tell you where to find it as it becomes available. Bookmark my blog, and check back every week or two to see what I've been up to. I've also written a few books, with more on the way. Also, check out my books here.


Are you the editor of a publication or website who needs a strong, bi-weekly outdoor column by a nationally recognized outdoor writer?

​Steve Sorensen (also known as "The Everyday Hunter®") consistently wins awards for his writing statewide, regionally, and nationally. He is a contributor to Deer & Deer Hunting magazine and has written for most of the top magazines in the hunting world. He can help your publication with his regular column, or with single assignments. Consider asking Steve to write for you. Email him to talk about it.

​Are you a pastor or men's ministry leader looking for a great speaker for your next men's retreat or sportsman's dinner?

This is what's most important! Steve has a deep passion for men's ministry and is a popular and effective speaker. Having spoken at over 160 sportsman's dinners from Atlanta, Georgia to Burtt's Corner, New Brunswick to Billings, Montana, he knows how to bring the gospel to outdoorsmen. Check out the SPEAKING page on this website to see what Steve offers! Then contact him to talk about how he got into this ministry and why he does this, and to check his availability.


​Are you a serious turkey hunter looking for a new custom call that's deadly on stubborn gobblers?

Steve is an avid deer and turkey hunter who offers great ideas hunters can apply to their hunting, plus he has invented his own turkey call. It's a unique call in many ways. It has two sound chambers inside, and it makes a wide variety of turkey sounds in various pitches from low to high. Check out the Northern Scratchbox here.

When the Everyday Hunter® isn't hunting, he’s thinking about hunting,

talking about hunting, dreaming about hunting, writing about hunting, or wishing he were hunting.

2015, Springfield, Missouri

Two-Time Winner of the National
"Pinnacle Award" for Outdoor Writing!

Pennsylvania outdoor writer Steve Sorensen received the Pinnacle Award in 2015 and 2018 from the Professional Outdoor Media Association (POMA), a national organization promoting the traditional outdoor sports. With sponsoring partner Mossy Oak, POMA offers the Pinnacle as is its highest honor for exceptional journalistic achievement and creative work in the outdoor press.


In 2015 Sorensen took the top award in the Magazine category for an article titled “The Arthur Young Buck – 1830,”  the historic tale of a McKean County, PA buck, the earliest animal recognized in any big game record book in the world. It was published in the December 2013 issue of Pennsylvania Game News magazine.

2018, Lincoln, Nebraska

In 2018, Sorensen won again, this time in the Newspaper/Web category, for a blog post at Legendary Whitetails website called "The Nun's World Famous Deer Hunt." Also in 2018, he won the Outstanding Achievement Award in the magazine category for an article in North American Whitetail magazine called "Pennsylvania Bookends."


Besides the Pinnacle Awards, Sorensen has won many state awards. His newspaper column, “The Everyday Hunter,” is a three-time winner of “Best Newspaper Column” from the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writer’s Association. His column appears regularly in the Jamestown Gazette (NY), and the Forest Press (PA), and and he is a Field Contributor for Deer & Deer Hunting magazine. 

Sorensen Wins His Second NRA "Best of the Best" Award for Outdoor Writing!

Steve Sorensen has again won the "Best of the Best" Award among Pennsylvania outdoor writers. He won in 2017 and now in 2019 at the PA Outdoor Writer Association (POWA) conferences. The "Best of the Best" is awarded to the most outstanding piece among all winners in every award category. His 2019 award was for an article in Deer and Deer Hunting magazine titled "The Ultimate Hunting Goal: Building Lifelong Hunters," which won in the category "Pass It On" for the piece which most effectively promotes passing on the love and appreciation of the outdoors. His 2017 "Best of the Best" award was for an article titled "Nun Sense," the first place winner in the "White-Tailed Deer Award" category. The "Best of the Best" is awarded by the National Rifle Association, and Sorensen has won twice in the four years the award has been offered.

"To win at this level," Sorensen said, "you can't just be a good writer. You need great material. Sister John Paul, the Roman Catholic deer hunting nun and John Annoni, the inner-city school teacher who has developed the most innovative program connecting public school students to the world of hunting, provided important stories I simply relayed to the readers. I couldn't have done it without these outstanding people, and it's a privilege to know them."

"The Ultimate Goal: Building Lifelong Hunters" describes a hunting mentorship program in the inner city schools of Allentown, PA created by teacher John Annoni. It appeared in the September 2018 issue of Deer and Deer Hunting magazine.

"Nun Sense" is about a Catholic Nun in St. Marys, PA, who received vicious criticism from around the world for shooting a nice buck. Sorensen's article considered the nun's story from the point-of-view of the theology of hunting. It appeared in the November 2016 issue of North American Whitetail magazine. CLICK HERE to read "Nun Sense" at the North American Whitetail magazine website.

There's much more in this website...

Brad Isles, Awards Program Chair and POWA President, presents "The Best of the Best" award to Steve in 2017.


Brad Isles, Awards Program Chair and POWA Chairman of the Board, presents "The Best of the Best" award to Steve in 2019.

​​ABOUT STEVE:  Check this page for biographical information about Steve and read a story that describes his earliest hunting impulses.

SPEAKING:  Steve speaks frequently at Sportsman’s Dinners and seminars. His motivation is the gospel. You'll find more information about that on this page.

RESOURCES:  Find FREE publicity downloads, including photos, logos, and other documents that will help you publicize your event!


BOOKS: Here is where you'll find Steve’s popular books, and he's working on more. Soon, two more volumes are coming in "The Everyday Hunter Handbook Series," with fool-proof insights about turkey hunting and still-hunting for whitetail deer! 

TURKEY CALL: Read all about Steve's unique turkey call, a compact scratchbox design with TWO sound chambers inside. It plays pure yelps, raspy yelps, gobbler yelps. It purrs softly. It makes authentic fighting purrs. It clucks, cutts, and you can play it softly or loudly.


SUCCESS STORIES: Steve says, "I've been having better success with Northern Scratchbox than with any call I've ever used. If you want to read some success stories from my hunts and the success of other hunters too, read them here."  


BLOG: Check Steve's blog once or twice a week. Sometimes you will find links to his current articles and columns, sometimes just some random thoughts about hunting and life. It's called "Mission: Hunter."  Share Steve's thoughts on Facebook if you like!


FOLLOW:  If you would like to follow Steve's writing, you can find links to his Facebook pages where he posts links to many of  his articles. 

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