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Turkey Calls – To Infinity and Beyond!

Spring is coming fast, so if you're a turkey hunter you better start practicing on your turkey calls. Go through them and spend about 15 minutes with each one. Practice the old sounds and try out new ones. In a couple of hours you'll know which calls you're going to rely on this year.

And check out my February 16 column in the Jamestown Gazette, "Turkey Calls – To Infinity and Beyond." Despite the countless calls coming from the big name callmakers, lots more aren't on the store shelves (including my Northern Scratchbox, available only on my website), and many more are still to be invented. One of those might spring from your own mind, so think about coming up with your own turkey call. I promise you one thing if you do — you'll enjoy greater turkey hunting satisfaction than ever before by calling in a gobber with a call you've designed yourself.

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