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The Learning Curve of a Turkey Hunter

Randy Travis sings,

"We all have to walk our own road.

We can't always go where we're told.

In the end where it'll end up – the Lord only knows,

But we all have to walk our own road."

That pretty well explains my learning curve when it comes to most things I've tried, especially turkey hunting. Learning how to hunt turkeys isn't for perfectionists. Often you can't see what to do to improve, and it can be frustrating.

Whatever I've ever tried, it seemed like i had a long learning curve. And whatever I've accomplished, it seems like I've accomplished it because I wouldn't quit. I killed my first gobbler in nineteen-never-mind. There are some reasons it took me 10 years to kill my second, partly because I lived where I couldn't hunt, but it finally came.

Turkeys will make you feel like a fool. But keep going, and sooner or later you'll find enough success that you'll be glad you didn't quit. Every turkey hunter walks his own road. I describe some aspects of my learning curve in "The Learning Curve of a Turkey Hunter." My road may be nothing like yours, but read about it anyway in this week's Jamestown Gazette.

To access more of my writing on hunting topics, go to the home page of my blog, Mission: Hunter.


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