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Revenge of the Deer? (at DDH)

We've had a long, strange year. For some people, if Covid didn't get them, a buck did!

Back in the fall I wrote a couple of stories for the Deer & Deer Hunting website about deer that almost got the best of a couple of hunters. One incident happened in Georgia just south of Atlanta. The other happened in western Pennsylvania. Men who happened to be deer hunters were minding their own business, doing chores at home, when revenge (or whatever!) entered the minds of a couple of bucks. These weren't just attacks on hunters. They were freak incidents that could have turned out worse.

These two stories were combined into one "Deer Browse" article in the February 2021 issue of Deer and Deer Hunting magazine called "Revenge of the Deer?" Check it out, and if you're on your lawn mower, watch your back!


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