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Life in a Tough Neighborhood

Wildlife does not have an easy life. About 10 years ago I watched this doe scoot for cover behind her two fawns. I say "scoot" because she didn't have any front legs. I don't know the cause of her amputation. Perhaps she was hit by a hay mower, or a car, or suffered some other accident, but it's amazing that such a handicapped deer can raise two fawns.

It was probably a mower bar on a tractor, but I'm a little hesitant to say that for sure because it usually happens to fawns. If it had happened to her as a fawn, it's unlikely she would have survived. But it's still possible. Whatever happened, she managed to find cover where she could avoid predators, and find enough to eat while she healed up. Either way, whitetails are tough critters living in a tough neighborhood. One amazing aspect of this is that she managed to breed, carry two fawns, birth them, and nurture them at least into late summer when I took this photo. I wish I had a better photo.

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