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Deer Warriors: Leopold, Latham and Alt

Grab the Summer issue of Deer & Deer Hunting magazine and catch up on your deer hunting history! I've written an article about three of the biggest names in America's deer wars, two of them from Pennsylvania.

The first was Aldo Leopold, who worked in Arizona and Wisconsin. The other two are from Pennsylvania: Roger Latham (who was fired from the PA Game Commission in 1957) and Gary Alt (who retired from the PGC in 2004). Are these men heroes, or villains? This article gives you plenty of information to decide.

Also in the Summer issue of Deer & Deer Hunting is the great story of James White's S-U-P-E-R-W-I-D-E late season Ohio Buck. White stuck it out to the end of the season and it paid off BIG and WIDE!

My subscriber's copy just came in the mail yesterday so if you don't have yours it's not far behind. And if you're not a subscriber, it's time to become one. Every issue is packed with the articles every deer hunter needs.


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