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Counting Days & Making Days Count

For hunters, opening days are an especially important calendar day. I live in Pennsylvania, and here opening day of deer season is a high holiday. For decades it was traditionally the Monday after Thanksgiving. Schools shut down and businesses ran on skeleton crews as roughly three quarters of a million people hit the woods in pursuit of a whitetail buck.

We count down the days. But we should also be making the days count. My last column, "Never Wear Corduroy Pants," was about killing my first buck. Today's column reflects on that event from a perspecitve of more than 50 years. Read "Counting Days & Making Days Count," published August 31 in the Jamestown Gazette.


Bob Reo
Bob Reo

Steve quick question i made a great licking branch had a lot of bucks and does in the area for the last week it poured the other night so i went in and replied scent to the branch but also put a mock scrape under the stick i used frozen urine from antler ice i know its a little early to place scrapes but i wanted to have the bucks continue to keep interest in the site its been about a day now and i havnt had much acctivity actually had a decent size coyote walk by the camera witch is pointing at the licking stick do you think that i may have screwed this up or mayb left scent…

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