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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

Aiming for the Whitetail Record Book

Already, hunters are tying tags to some big whitetails, and some of them are destined for the record books. What if YOU knock down one of these out-sized bucks? It would be best if you know how these things work, and what you need to do to establish the credibility of your harvest.

"Aiming for the Whitetail Record Book" has the background information you need. Click here to read it at the Havalon Knives website.

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Photo courtesy of Brian Kightlinger: Brian Kightlinger is a measurer for the Northeast Big Buck Club. Here he is putting his tape on a nice buck. Check the article for a video of him scoring a buck and explaining the process. Big bucks are out there, so start looking.

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