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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

Meat or Antlers?

It's as predictable as the sunrise. As hunters share photos of big-racked bucks on social media, the online debate of whether we should hunt for meat or antlers is ramping up again. It happens every year, and it never gets settled.

It seems to be human nature. Now that it's football season you gotta love the Nittany Lions, or you gotta hate them. When basketball starts, you gotta love the Duke Blue Devils or you gotta hate them. And all the time, you gotta love Trump, or you gotta hate him.

And as far as hunting is concerned, we force a similar either-or choice, even when it should be both-and. On the one hand we have the "eat everything you kill" crowd, and on the other we have the "what does he score crowd." For the life of me, I can't figure out why we tolerate being boxed in like that. Why can't I like venison, AND antlers? Why let ourselves be forced into the either-or option, even when we're faced with a both-and choice?

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