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Is a Record Buck in Your Future?

Apparently I've always gotten a goofy look when I see antlers! This picture is from way, way back in nineteen-never-mind, on the day I became a deer hunter. My sister and I posed with the buck. I always thought it was a big one, and it was when we compared it to all the little 1½ year old bucks people in Pennsylvania shot most of my life. I even remember urging my dad to enter it into the Pennsylvania record book, but it's not big enough to be in any record book.

Will you ever shoot a record book buck? You might, because the big one—Boone and Crockett—isn't the only record book. CLICK HERE to read "Is a Record Buck in Your Future? " read my column in the Jamestown Gazette and think about whether, and why, you might want to enter a buck you take—maybe this year's buck—into a record book.

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