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A Woefully Inefficient Predator

Biologists tell us predators have their eyes located on the front of their heads, which equips them with depth perception so they can triangulate their target in order to determine distance for accurate attacks. Prey animals, with eyes on the sides of their heads, have super wide-angle vision which enables them to see attackers from almost any direction.

People who don't know they're designed to be predators often think of animals as cuddly, and themselves as the cuddlers. They don't usually think of nature as a battle between predator and prey—a matter of kill or be killed, eat or be eaten.

Where does that put you and me? Many people don't realize we're predators. But how good are we as predators? Humans are not very good, so we've had to develop tools, or weapons, to make us more effective. An animal predator has his weapons built in.

In contrast to animals, man is A Woefully Inefficient Predator. Click here to read about it in the Jamestown Gazette.

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