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  • by Steve Sorensen | The Everyday Hunter®

Who Is Your Hunting Hero?

Sometimes people confuse celebrities with heroes. Celebrities are one thing, but actual heroes are another. The real heroes of the hunting world don't necessarily appear on the sportsman's show circuit, and I'm betting few celebrities actually rise to the heroic. Who is your hunting hero? It's something to think about, and it might be someone no one but you has ever heard of. Here are a few of my thoughts on what the difference is between celebrities and heroes.

In some ways the outdoor world is a lot like Hollywood. People are working hard to become celebrities in the hunting and fishing world, but a celebrity is not a hero.

We have many celebrities. We have few heroes. Unless celebrities maintain what marketers call “top-of-mind awareness,” they are easily replaced. That’s why celebrities hire publicists who get interviews for them, arrange for books to be written by or about them, create targeted access to various publicity channels, and make sure their clients are photographed often. With all that and more, we don’t often know our celebrities and they usually don’t do anything significant. That’s why we sometimes say a celebrity can be famous merely for being famous. (Read more at: )

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