Mission: Hunter

Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison  (Genesis 27:3, KJV).

God is pro-hunting. That's right, and he has some things to say about the chase. The Bible presents hunting in a positive light. History, science and common sense also inform us about the role hunting plays in God's created order — what people call nature.


"Mission: Hunter" is a blog that addresses hunting topics through the lens of theology for the woods and for hunters who pursue deer and other wildlife in its native habitat, grounded in the moral rightness of hunting from a Christian and biblical point of view. 

The Bible does not support the common idea that hunting is morally wrong. Hunting is moral, positive, and right for a Christian believer to do. In the Old Testament the history of hunting goes back to the days of Noah (Genesis 9:2-3). In the New Testament it was God who told Peter, one of Jesus' closest disciples, to "Kill and eat" (Acts 10:13). God's word in Genesis 9:2-3 never changed.

In my mission to pursue Christ, hunting is a platform for sharing the gospel through writing and speaking. Mission: Hunter!


Bacteria and CWD Cure: Dr. Bastian Speaks

Last night I had an opportunity for an exclusive interview with Dr. Frank O. Bastian, the neuropathologist at the Louisiana State University Ag Center who has found a link between a spiroplasma bacteria and Chronic Wasting Disease (and other TSE diseases). The spiroplasma bacteria is present in all cases of TSE diseases, but the prion is not. Therefore, he views the bacteria as the infectious agent, and not the prion. In our hour-long conversation I learned that Dr. Bastian is very down-to-earth, helpful, and vitally concerned about the transmission of TSE diseases. His breakthrough research has recently found a way to culture the bacteria so that study of these terrible diseases can acceler

Prion? Or Bacteria? That is the question.

What causes Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)? It's a question that needs a solid answer if we're going to conquer this threat to wildlife. Currently, the majority of scientists believe prions are the cause of CWD and other Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) diseases. The problem is that no one has been able to determine how prions act at the infectious agent. There was a time when Copernicus was in the minority, too, and he turned out to be right about the earth revolving around the sun (and not the other way around). Now, Dr. Frank Bastian of Louisiana State University has come along to say that a spiroplasma bacteria is the infectious agent, not the prion, and the prion is a marker

Man Versus Nature?

Many 21st century minds, especially in urban America, consider man to be separate from nature. That's an underlying assumption of some people who get their wildlife education from their television screens. It's the idea inherent in the view that we are "civilized" so hunting is no longer necessary. Anti-hunters who have not thought much about what hunting is generally hold this view. The truth is that hunters, and the entire species we call homo sapiens, are a part of nature. As a part of the natural world we do not battle against nature any more than any other species does. Whatever your worldview, man is not distinct from the natural world. My February 11 column in the Jamestown Gazette sa

Humility Versus Arrogance

How often to we stop to think about the fact that humility fosters better relationships than arrogance? Not often enough. And too often in the world of deer hunting we choose arrogance over humility. This column is about hunters who criticize hunters. A few take on that role almost as a responsibility. Social media doesn't seem to help, whether it's about bragging rights, or an attempt to discredit another hunter. The truth is we don't need to claim bragging rights, and we can't save hunting by discrediting other hunters. Take a few minutes to read my January 28 column in the Jamestown (NY) Gazette: "Humility Versus Arrogance." To read other blog posts from MISSION: HUNTER, CLICK HERE to go

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