Mission: Hunter

Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison  (Genesis 27:3, KJV).

God is pro-hunting. That's right, and he has some things to say about the chase. The Bible presents hunting in a positive light. History, science and common sense also inform us about the role hunting plays in God's created order — what people call nature.


"Mission: Hunter" is a blog that addresses hunting topics through the lens of theology for the woods and for hunters who pursue deer and other wildlife in its native habitat, grounded in the moral rightness of hunting from a Christian and biblical point of view. 

The Bible does not support the common idea that hunting is morally wrong. Hunting is moral, positive, and right for a Christian believer to do. In the Old Testament the history of hunting goes back to the days of Noah (Genesis 9:2-3). In the New Testament it was God who told Peter, one of Jesus' closest disciples, to "Kill and eat" (Acts 10:13). God's word in Genesis 9:2-3 never changed.

In my mission to pursue Christ, hunting is a platform for sharing the gospel through writing and speaking. Mission: Hunter!


Which Bucks Do the Breeding?

Most hunters equate dominance in bucks to body size or antler size. That's not always the way it is, any more than the biggest men are the most dominant men. Any football coach will tell you that some big kids just don't have it in them to dominate on the football field. Sometimes it's the little guy who pushes the big guy around. So in the deer woods, is it the big bodied bucks and the bucks with the biggest antlers that do the breeding? Maybe not. Check out my October 29 column in the Jamestown (NY) Gazette: "Which Bucks Do the Breeding?" To read other blog posts from MISSION: HUNTER, CLICK HERE to go to www.EverydayHunter.com. Photo Caption: Nice buck, but will he do much breeding? That

5 Mistakes Beginning Deer Hunters Make

Anyone who watches football can see a big difference between high school players and pro players. For example, it's second nature for a pro quarterback to have his feet correctly positioned to make a throw, but even a good high school quarterback doesn't have the repetitions and the muscle memory to do it correctly every time. Rookies make mistakes. Beginning deer hunters also make mistakes. Certain things — even the food we choose to eat in the deer woods — can reduce our chances of of bringing home the bacon, er, the venison. Read what some of them are in my October 15 column in the Jamestown (NY) Gazette: "5 Mistakes Beginning Deer Hunters Make." To read other blog posts from MISSION: HU

Why Doctors Who Hunt Prescribe Havalon Knives

I don't often go out of my way to recommend specific brands, but one I'm a big fan of is Havalon Knives. I became acquainted with Havalon back in 2010, and it really impressed me. The first article I ever wrote for the Havalon blog was about field dressing deer, and it's still the number one read article on their site. Because the Havalon knife does such a fast, clean, and easy job at field dressing and skinning deer, I've stayed with it. You couldn't get me to trade it for a much more expensive knife. Along the way I've watched the company grow, and I continue to be impressed with the company's creativity — it's new models and the improvements in the old models. I'm not saying it can do ev

Sportsmen’s Day Teaches—and Inspires

Hunting stories, good food, expert tips and a hunting story with an eternal twist were shared September 29 in the first Sportsmen’s Day at Triad Baptist. September 30, 2018, Winston-Salem, NC — A U.S. Army infantryman for seven years, Sam Shepherd spent more than his fair share of time in the brush. On September 29, he attended the first Sportsmen’s Day at Triad Baptist Church to figure out how to get back to the woods — but this time to create hunting memories outside with his sons, Elisha, and Matthew. “It’s been so long since I’ve been hunting that I knew I needed to brush up about hunting and learn before my boys came of age so I’d be ready to take them out,” said Shepherd, who lives in

CWD — Know Your State’s Rules

Chronic Wasting Disease is a topic that's getting hotter all the time. How serious it is, no one knows for sure, but it has game managers across the nation spooked. Whether natural selection preserves the deer herd or the disease wipes deer out is anyone's guess, but deer managers have spoken. States have rules that they hope will slow its spread, and whether we want to or not, we need to play by the rules. So check with your state's game agency and make your plan on how to handle meat, antlers, skull plates, and other tissues. Times have changed. Photo: CWD-positive deer can appear to be healthy. Only in the late stages, sometimes years after the onset of infection, do clinical symptoms app

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