Mission: Hunter

Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison  (Genesis 27:3, KJV).

God is pro-hunting. That's right, and he has some things to say about the chase. The Bible presents hunting in a positive light. History, science and common sense also inform us about the role hunting plays in God's created order — what people call nature.


"Mission: Hunter" is a blog that addresses hunting topics through the lens of theology for the woods and for hunters who pursue deer and other wildlife in its native habitat, grounded in the moral rightness of hunting from a Christian and biblical point of view. 

The Bible does not support the common idea that hunting is morally wrong. Hunting is moral, positive, and right for a Christian believer to do. In the Old Testament the history of hunting goes back to the days of Noah (Genesis 9:2-3). In the New Testament it was God who told Peter, one of Jesus' closest disciples, to "Kill and eat" (Acts 10:13). God's word in Genesis 9:2-3 never changed.

In my mission to pursue Christ, hunting is a platform for sharing the gospel through writing and speaking. Mission: Hunter!


Maybe It's a Heart Problem

This week's column is likely to be controversial, if only because those who would ban what they've named "assault rifles" seem to prefer to ignore certain statistics. Today we are seeing an enormous reaction against those guns. The reaction seems reasonable to many, but it's out of proportion to the concern we should have over murders caused by almost any other means, and it's completely out of proportion to the concern we should have over unnecessary deaths (and the $44 Billion annual cost of alcohol-related crashes) caused by drunk driving. The statistics are empirical, and they generate difficult-to-deny conclusions. But whatever the statistics and the conclusions they lead to, it seems

Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Honor Sorensen

Outdoor writer Steve Sorensen took home two top Craft Awards from the Mason-Dixon Outdoor Writers Association at their annual conference on April 7 in historic Frederick, Maryland. Sorensen won in three award categories out of seven—two first place awards and one second—for work published in 2017. His article titled “The Wrong Hands for Guns” won the First Place Wheeler Johnson Memorial Award for Best Newspaper Article, published in the Jamestown Gazette on June 19, 2017. He also took the First Place “Blog Entry Award” for “Is This the Most Legendary Whitetail of All Time?” published January 12, 2017 on the Legendary Whitetails website at www.DeerGear.com. “The Wrong Hands for Guns” aims at

As Goes Hunting, So Goes Wildlife

The news media tells us about budget battles almost every day, reminding us that everything needs financing. Are you aware that includes wildlife? How does wildlife get funded? Who pays for wildlife? Where does the money come from to create, preserve and restore wildlife habitat? Where does the money come from for wildlife research? Where does the money come from for anything related to wildlife? While it's true that wildlife received no funding in North American before the white man showed up, man is not going away, and we want to keep wildlife abundant and accessible. It takes funding to make that happen. Although many people will say they love wildlife and even contribute money when they

Deer Management Through Mythology?

SPECIAL REPORT: Officials from the automobile insurance industry are trying to take over deer management in Pennsylvania by taking a page out of mythology. Man has always had a fascination with hybrid creatures. Horror stories and science fiction tell of bizarre combinations of man and beast, such as Wolfman and "The Fly." Our superheroes, including Spiderman and Batman, combine the traits of animal and human to generate superhuman powers. The ancient Greeks had their mythological creatures, too; the centaur, the half man and half horse, is one of several. Now, the automobile insurance industry is taking a page out of mythology to address some of the problems that Pennsylvania's hunting cult

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