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Mission: Hunter

Now therefore take, I pray thee, thy weapons, thy quiver and thy bow, and go out to the field, and take me some venison (Genesis 27:3, KJV).

God takes an interest in hunting, and contrary to what many people think, he's not against it. He has some things to say about the chase—positive things. We see positive truths about hunting in the Bible, and in God's created order. History, science and common sense also inform our thinking. 


"Mission: Hunter" is a blog that addresses a wide range of hunting topics, but the touchstone is always theology for the woods for hunters who pursue deer, wild turkeys, and other creatures in their native habitat. You may never have thought of yourself as a theologian, but if you ever express your thoughts on the morality of hunting (or morality in general), that makes you a theologian. Even if you're an amateur theologian, you can be a good one only by using the proper sources for your theological thinking.

In the Old Testament the history of hunting goes back, at least, to the days of Noah (Genesis 9:3). In the New Testament it was God who told Peter, one of Jesus' closest disciples, to "Kill and eat" (Acts 10:13). The idea that hunting is immoral cannot be supported by the Bible. Hunting is moral, something positive, and not wrong for a Christian believer to do.

I am a hunter. Many people think my identity is in hunting, but my identity is in Christ. My mission is not to have Christianity sanctify my hunting. My mission is to pursue Christ, as a Christian who hunts. Mission: Hunter—or Everyday Hunter, on a mission.

The signs are all around us. The coming hunting seasons are shaping up to be memorable, and we're counting down the days. But no matter how much deer sign we see, and evidence of other abundant wildlife, at some point this fall everything will fall into a lull.

Did the deer move to other ranges? Are they changing home ranges? Is there too much activity in the woods for them to be comfortable doing what they have been doing? Were the animals we saw in September nothing more than ghosts? When the lull comes, think about my...

It was Art Linkletter who hosted the classic 1950s TV show named "House Party" with a hilarious segment called "Kids Say the Darndest Things." That was six decades ago, but kids still surprise us with what comes out of their mouths.

My newspaper column this week tells about a friend's boy who joined a Cub Scout troop and took over the conversation about what gear the kids might need when faced with outdoor challenges. Check out my September 9 column in the Jamestown Gazette, "The Kid Is a Cutting Edge Leader."

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